Irrigation Consultants
Planning and Design Irrigation
Water Management specialist

Irrigation Consultant

Since 1993 has had an office by the name of

Tova Levinov – Nachum Stoler

A High Level of Expertise, Efficiency and Professionalism

Designing irrigation systems to projects of all kinds
Public buildings, residential sites
Parks and gardens
Urban streets
Highways and junctions
Gardens which go from hundred square meters to projects of thousands dunams
Advising and guiding in efficient use of water for irrigation
Improving irrigation systems and efficient and economical maintenance
For governmental, public institutions and private properties

Fitting the right kind of irrigation
Sprinklers, dripping systems, head control, irrigation computers etc
To plants type, ground, usage of the garden etc

Examining and consideration of costs of irrigation system

Supervision of carrying out the irrigation system

Master plans for irrigation of settlements and residential areas
A planning file contains
Specific irrigation plans for execution. AutoCAD plans
Technical specifications for execution
Execution details
Quantities and estimations

Among the clients of the office
Landscape Architects, Architects, engineers
Municipalities and councils, moshavim and kibbutzim
Public organizations and private bodies like
"The Housing office", "the Defense office" ", Keren Kayemet of Israel
Company and managing offices and supervision of carrying out projects

Tova Levinov

Tova Levinov Landscape and irrigation specialist
Design, Specification, supervision

Agronomy – Graduate of the Agriculture faculty –  The Hebrew University
Landscape technician

For 17 years has worked in the department of Irrigation Efficiency improvement of the

The Israeli Gardening & Landscape Association, which is the country's organization in the
 field of gardening and landscaping

Among the duties she was responsible of

Guiding efficient and economic use of water

Advising and planning irrigation for gardening

Managing and giving courses for gardeners, municipality members, architects and engineers

Leading the jurisdiction team of the Water Commission of Israel for irrigation
in gardening and supervision in the field

Has written articles and reportages to the magazine of gardening designs in Israel
Garden & Landscape and has written professional materials

Irrigation designs

Type of Projects which are designed by the office

Public Parks
Central park of Gilo neighborhood, Jerusalem
Modiin valley park
Central park Manchat, Jerusalem
Kishle Park in Nazareth
Harry Wilf (Independence) Park in Jerusalem
Central park for the city of Eilat

National Park
Hof Hasharon National Park

Urban Projects
Haas Promenade, Jerusalem
Trottner Park, Jerusalem
Municipality Square in Herzeliya
Virgin Mary Plaza in Nazareth
Jerusalem Botanicl Gardens
Central Plaza of Technion Israel Institute of Technology, Haifa
The "klei kessef" Kfar Daniel

Urban planning
Mevasseret Zion
Ramat Beit Shemesh

Engineering Projects
Sha'ar Ha-gai interchangeTel Aviv – Jerusalem highway
Sha'ar Ha-gai interchange
Cross-Israel Highway – Road no. 6
Kesem interchange
Ben Shemen interchange
Road no. 431 (2,000 dunam of irrigation) Road no 9, Jerusalem
Road no 9, Jerusalem

Archeological parks
Caesarea old Roman port
City of David – Jerusalem
The old city of Jerusalem

Special Projects
New terminal at Ben- Gurion Airport
Yad Vashem Museum
Knesset – Israel's parliament